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Bevy's Art Corner News Letter January & February /2015

New Stuff

Again I say; I am sorry I have not been keeping my web page up-to-date. Life lately has been somewhat horrific.We've had far to many friends and family members pass into the heavens either from natural causes, cancer or sucide. There was even a suicide. We're also still cleaning up after the fire and trying to get it all organized. Personally; I think we could be finished and have a comfortable home if Walter got off the computer once in a while and dealt with his stuff. He doesn't want me to deal with it, so it gets piled here and there. Places I've worked on with the help of my variest friends start looking good, but the visual of hubby's corners of our world depresses me and I give up for a while. Then a bee gets in my bonnet and I attack my world again. It's a constant circle and I never seem to get it finished. I wish we were rich enough to hire a professional or two. I'll need it near perfect when I can't do for myself or need to use my wheel chair 24/7.

That is the least of my problems or dilemmas; perhaps these aren't even the right words to use. The loss of myfriends and family took its' toll on me. I was also in a car accident that had me laid up for several months.

I took the lost of family members much harder then I figured I would. My family is pretty dysfunctional and to this day I can't really say I know any of them well. My daughter Dawn and I had the strangest of relationships, she'd play with me like a yoyo. Let me in her life, toss me aside, let me back...Love me to my face, over the phone and on the net (She would fit right in with the sperficial people here), but with others she'd talk about me behind my back, with a completely different set of views. It was her life game and I learned to live with. After all I wasn't the perfect mother or a mommy. Her kids for reasons I'm sure they thought were good at the time, shut me out before my daughter was even cold. My son followed suite with the excuse he didn't want to upset things with the nieces etc.

Sometimes I think I'm one of a kind when it comes to being open, honest and upfront. I figure if I say what I'm thinking to a person's face no one can say I do have a friend or two who like me keep everything on the table. Guess we just had to much crap in our past. We read people prety well for that reason.... I don't really care what people think of me as long as I have a couple of true friends. I'm a tough weed and I'll survie until I don't.

Besides my daughter, I lost my step dad (not sure I can call him that, because I never lived with him and my mom) just up and had a heart-attack. He seemed nice every time I saw him and I do so wish I could have gotten to know him better. He looked after my mom and loved her so much raised her kids as his. Perhaps in the next world.

Randy one of my favorite brothers was quite the character. I never saw a lot of him, except for a short visit on my travels (I moved about like a gypsy.) to my new home. It would have been nice to see him that one last time, have that last drink and hear one last joke.

Dawn's son my grandson couldn't handle rhe loss and followed soon after by his own hand.

I mentioned the most heart breaking; other then that I can handle the we live we die. I'm not sure if I'll get to see the rest of my family before they or I leave this world, so I'm very thankful to facebook; it got us in touch with each other. Although I had many losses in the last year or so, My hubby and I have also had a lot of good karma.

I still remember all the help we got after the fire. Neighbors, boating club members, people we knew in passing, friends (even the laziest ones) came out and helped clean up after the fire. Many bought tools, gear and one paid for the dumpster.

You never think of needing help but sometimes you do. When my daughter was dying all our friends here and even one of my sisters and a couple of friends from Canada contributed to my son's family's trip to Toronto from B.C so he and his family could say good-bye to his sister. The last time he saw her time before this happened was when he and his sister had a big fight. I'm glad he got to see her and had a chance to befriend his nieces and newphew. Living with regrets isn't easy. Now he has some better memories thanks to my friends and family.

This is why I've been neglectful of my web page and my letter writing. I will once again try to stay on top of things. I'm sure keeping on top of my web page and letter writing will help me with dealing with my losses and inner sadness. If you see I'm slacking send me a note and say; "Hey girl up-date your page/where's my letter"

My World of Ball Jointed Dolls

Jan/2015 I'm sadden to say I can't handle the larger ball jointed dolls. They are now safely packed away until I get a sewing machine and start making doll clothes. I want to do doll shows to help make some money to buy a house. The big dolls will make good modela for the shows. For now it is just a dream, I'll get there tho. Just wait and see.

Dec/2014 I'm not sure I talked about my latest hobby; ball jointed dolls. It is a rather expensive hobby; so, it is a good thing I love my dolls. I'm getting into wig making and fashion design for them. This part of my web page shall just be added to and not replaced.

Articulated dolls have been around since ancient Egypt and Greece. Ball-jointed doll in modern history began in the late 1800-1900s. I believe it was around this time that ball-jointed dolls were made of bisque,and unglazed porcelain. Most of these dolls I'm told were produced in Germany and France.

In1930, the artist Hans Bellmer created dolls with ball-joints which he used as models in his surrealist photography. Be sure to look him up. He was ahead of the time back then and thus is an interesting read.

The Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) hobby today began in the year 1999. The Japanese company Volks came out with their line of Super Dollfies. Their dolls are cast in polyurethane resin, stand about 22 inches/57 centimeters tall, are strung with elastic cord, and are fully customizable.

Today Ball Jointed Doll companies based in Japan, South Korea and China have popped up here and there, releasing their own original dolls.

Today there are a lot of companies and artists creating and selling Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) and the hobby is slowly becoming a world wide hobby. I will share my BJDs with you. I have a few different brands of dolls; but, I say my girls and boys / men and ladies are from...

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Recipe Time

Is it time to entertain or go to a party or two. Here are a few dip recipes. Please let me know how you like the ones you try.

Cucumber Dip

Mix 22 ounces of cream cheese with 1 package of onion soup mix; Thin with Mayonnaise. Add 2 small to medium cucumbers diced and 2 small jars of Pimento. Add Worcestershire Sauce to taste.

Mix well and chill for at least two hours before serving.

Oriental Dip

Mix 1/2 cup sour cream with 1 tsp. toasted sesame seeds, 1/4 tsp ground ginger, 2 tsp soy sauce and 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce.

Mix well and chill for at least two hours before serving. Note it can be served the next day

My Thoughts My Opinions My Blurp

Whatever Happened to Christmas <

Yes I live in California, there is no snow or a whole lot of things to do or to celebrate the season or reason for the season. Christmas and even the church has become so commerialized, I'm surprised any one knows how to pick out a gift for their friend or family members. Gift card this, cash there, or just saying we aren't doing Christmas this year. Last year people haven't even helped out the food banks or toy drives as they have done in the past. Nobody or rather hardly anybody puts up lights any more. I can't imagin not giving people I know and like a little something. Something little you picked out for said person even a card or small gift you make yourself says hey you matter or you're glad to have them in your life. Even if you don't believe in others' and my god or the reason for the season show you care and respect their beliefs as they do yours. Even my husbands family (a family of ministers) aren't really into the Christmas season. I hope people remember this year to.... I thank every body who put up their decorations and lights. They helped make my Christmas last year...

What's With Yahoo <

I don't use yahoo a lot. In fact I'm pretty sure I don't use it for searches or anything important. All I wanted to do was signup for a pen-pal group or two and get back on my old pen-pal group.

1) You have to unlock your security thingies so they can get in or just see your business. Always had too. Main reason I don't do the yahoo thing. I don't need spy ware or that kind of stuff taking over my computer. I have a hard enough time doing the few things I do on it.

2) Now you must have a mobile to get on (have an account); I suppose the reason for that; is to spy even deeper into your private life or to bombard you with junk mail. It also means: Screw the poor folk who can't afford a mobile or those who just don't want a mobile. Most elderly, disabled and those with tight budgets don't have mobiles in their life. I suppose they don't matter to Yahoo.

3) Their customer service sucks big time. I stayed on hold for an hour. The guy trying to get me on; finally says "Sorry you need a mobile." I say isn't that some kind of discrimination and illegal?" He transfers me to their law enforcement, where I'm once again put on hold. I say screw this and hang up.

I may not have a mobile for yahoo to spy on me with, but I do have Facebook and my web page to bitch on. Who knows some one out there might have or start a class action suite I can join in. The phone treatment (Hour on hold and transferred to another hold) worse then a visit to the principle's office and not being able to join groups not even the ones I was in before the must have mobile...put my knickers in a twist and upset more then any computer thing should.

If you have had such treatment or nightmarish experiences with yahoo please tell me I'll add it to my web page and facebook. They need to pull up their socks and treat people like they matter..

Movie Reviews

Perfect Pitch

Beca is that girl who is attached to her headphones and doesn't care what comes out of you. New college, she finds herself not right for any clique but somehow is muscled into a group that she never would have picked on her own. Along side mean girls, sweet girls and weird gals that sound good when they sing together. Beca takes this acoustic singing group out of their world of traditional arrangements and perfect harmonies into all-new mash-ups, they fight to climb their way to the top of the cut-throat world of college a cappella. This could wind up either the coolest thing they'll ever do or the most insane, and it will probably be a little of both. I give it a solid three out of five.

Walking Dead

I don't usually review TV shows; however, The Walking Dead is a TV series based on a comic book. The show focuses primarily on the dilemmas of one group as they struggle to balance their humanity with their survival against the zombie packs and later, how they cope with members of their group being killed and deal with other human survivors they encounter, many of whom are dangerous and predatory. It's not finished yet or rather I'm not finished watching it all yet. If you like zombie movies; you'll love this series. I really must get back to it...

My Resturant Review

C'Bianca Ristorante Italiano

C'Bianca Ristorante Italiano of course is an Italian restaurant. It's right here in Santa Rosa at 835 2nd St. in what was once the owner's home. The inside is rather modest with wall murals and tables appropriately placed. It even has a bar/cocktail room/lounge. This is Walter's ex-bosses' choice for our Christmas dinner (We had it in January and it is very very nice. Too bright for a romantic dinner but still very very nice.

The food is excellent and worth the price. Yes me Mrs. Scrooge is saying this place it not only worth the trip, but worth the cost, I wouldn't say no to coming here for a special dinner. Salads and appetizers range from 7 to 9 bucks. Main courses are 17 to 39 bucks. My Bistecca Allagriglia (Rib Eye) melted in my mouth. This bit of info might come in handy if you got a fussy eater for the meal. Walter's boss has changed his eating habits and doesn't eat dairy and something else. After getting the fact was cheese in Pesto (I now know why I failed when I tried to make it) across. Walters boss had Linguine in seafood sauce made with tomatoes and wine.

Yes this place has patience and service; it is a must try people. So far best place I've eaten at since I've been in Santa Rosa.

India Palace

India Palace is in San Francisco on the outer edge of Japan Town at 1740 Fillmore. It is a small little place with no fancy frills. You can order off the full, the vegetarian, or the non-vegetarian menu; which all have fair prices. Walter and I tend to go for the $10.00 buffet which includes soup, hot chi tea and their flat bread.

Some of the food is too spicy for me, but I like it and don't stay away. If I know we're going I take some sour cream with me. If we just end up there; which, we often do when in SF, I'll just use Ranch dressing from the salad bar to soften the spices on my plate,

I recommend this place even if you aren't on a budget.

Basque Cultural Center

Basque Cultural Center located at 599 Railroad Ave. in San Francisco. This is the place the WWCC has their award dinner. My husband loves that club and I think 98% of the people in it are really cool and I enjoy tagging along with them. Who knows I might have a working ship one day. I'm not going to talk about their menu except for the average 25-30 bucks a plate; and that pissed me off because the food taste like hospital food and the service was probably the worse I ever had/saw. A 6 oz of soda was 3 bucks. Had to wait for everything, beg for a second cup of coffee and someone was rudely told they couldn't have a second dinner roll. A couple of the staff was friendly but most were not including the elderly owner. I kept being asked to get out starting before 7 which; I was told was our finish time, when I delivered the message.

My husband and I were a little late, but still no need for them to bring me the wrong meal; which, they brought with dessert. I took a bite and had it to go because the dessert was ice-cream and would have been melted by the time I ate my dinner. I wasn't really impressed by this place last the year before either, but then I just figured it was me and my to high standards for high prices. I figure the price should reflex the flavor at expensive restaurants. I saw this treatment befor here. Once or twice is forgivable, but when it is a constant it is time for me not to attend again or I might not beable to keep my mouth shut and I don't want to do that to Rob whom loves and books the place. I will not go again; no matter how much hubby bugs me to attend. I say don't go here unless you have to please others.

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